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Brand New Transaction Portal for Maizeone Music Website

We are proud to announce the addiotion of a new transaction portal for secure payment transactions for in-house regularly scheduled students and our online FaceTime and Skype students. This capabilility will enhance to ability for all students to transact their session poayments, purchase new learning material, and pay for workshop attendence in a secure transaction environment.

The Online Store environment will also facilitate access to the newly published instructionsl series by Dr. Pat Corn, "The Concept Of Music",  to music students of all ages and skill levels around the world. This series will be ever growing for several instruments and includes the highly effective music theory text applicable to all instrumentalists and vocalists. This text includes an in-depth look at the Nashville Number System.

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"Christmas Time Is Here" -
12 Sacred and Secular easy to play guitar chord solos utilizing Pat Corn's new concept of the "Chord & Play" method.

This new compilation of timeless Christmas pieces is a must have for any skill level. Twelve of the most beloved Christmas favorites are  arranged to provide a series of fantastic guitar chord solos that are easy to play and provide your listeners with a full, rich listening experience.

These arrangements may be played as solos or with other instrumentalists.

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